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Katherine Bernard and Barbara Kline, writing under the pen name Sarah-Jane Berklin, spent the last decade as hosts and producers of the nationally syndicated program 2BoomerBabes Radio Hour. The show received numerous programming awards, including the Associated Press and a Gracie for their series Beyond the Face of Alzheimer’s. Kathy and Barb have interviewed thousands of individuals with fascinating lives and stories to tell. Coupled with real life experiences and their passion for storytelling, the authors have gleaned much fodder for a book. Ergo, the birth of their first novel, Perfectly Seasoned.

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As empty nesters and friends for a lifetime, Kathy and Barb provide a tongue-in-cheek glimpse into the lives of the largest generation in history--who they are, what they like, and what makes them tick.  The authors and radio hosts are featured contributors to the Huffington Post and Pfizer's media campaign on the art of aging well.


Some of their favorite topics:


Second Acts and Beyond—It’s Never Too Late!

Kathy and Barb are living proof that it is never too late for “second acts” - changing life directions and finding interests that fulfill your passion and lifestyle. The Babes have cohosted and produced their own nationally broadcast radio show, the “2BoomerBabes,” and recently penned their first novel, Perfectly Seasoned. In this inspirational talk, Kathy and Barb weave their own personal journey in with other stories from their favorite guests who are reinventing themselves, learning new skills, switching careers, starting their own business and taking an idea and running with it  - at any age!


Women and Leadership

Based on their own experiences in the media world and conversations with show guests, Kathy and Barb help women "spark a fire that will energize the leader within." They share The Babes strategies for optimizing the strengths of those around you, honing decision-making skills, effectively asking for what you want, and embracing each day likes it’s an opportunity.



Intelligent Aging:  The Art of Aging....Well!

Everyone does it – but not always well! Whether it’s rekindling a romance, taking an adventure, learning a new skill or stepping up your diet and exercise routine, there is an “art” to aging. Through conversations with medical professionals, fitness gurus, travel virtuosos, technology wizards and relationship experts, Kathy and Barb share their “nuggets of wisdom” about how to enjoy the best quality of life, no matter your age.



Other Topics:

Marketing to Boomers:  Who They Are, What They Like, and What Makes Them Tick!


Personal and Corporate Wellness -- It's a Win-Win!


The Generational Divide: Workplace Challenges and Opportunities


Women Entrepreneurs--You Can Do It!





“The 2BoomerBabes delighted our students in an invigorating presentation about how they achieved success in radio syndication. It was educational, inspirational and amusing.   With smiles on their faces, they presented and then created an open dialogue which kept their audience intrigued. We would invite them back in a heartbeat.” 


“Kathy and Barbara are two delightfully bubbly and entertaining ladies who could have charmed the birds down out of the trees. They described how they went from being empty nesters to a successful new career. The tale was told with the humor and timing of long time entertainers and had the ladies in the room laughing and identifying with their adventures in no time. Their warmth and laughter was so refreshing.  I loved it.” 


“What a fun and entertaining hour (with the 2BoomerBabes) filled with fascinating banter about their journey from ‘empty nest’ Moms to National Public Radio fame!  They kept us captivated and laughing as they recounted their amazing rise from obscurity to celebrity. The “Babes” ability to laugh at themselves and share their ups and downs was way more than we expected.”


“We recently invited the 2 Boomer Babes to address one of our meetings. What a charming duo! The Babes sat for the better part of an hour, energetically bantering back and forth about their setbacks and successes as parents, boomers and media entrepreneurs. Kathy and Barbara are captivating, inspirational, wonderfully entertaining speakers.”

Perfectly Seasoned

A Novel by Sarah-Jane Berklin

While dropping their children off at preschool, five women’s lives converge, marking the start of a supportive bond and long-cherished friendships that will last a lifetime. Twenty-five years later on a beautiful spring day, Betts, Parker, Aimee, Ellie, and Jody meet for their seasonal gathering. Ranging in age from fifty-two to sixty, they proudly call themselves “the babes.” As boomers, their days—and nights—are busy and complicated as they balance careers, empty nests, changing relationships, aging parents, and romance at midlife. The sacrosanct gatherings are where their individual journeys unfold, revealing disappointment, heartbreak, triumph, and joy as each faces a crossroad full of surprises.

Book excerpt

“He’s going to kill me— he’s really gonna do it this time!” I inhale, trying to stay collected. “Parker, where are you?” My heart is racing. “Locked in the bathroom,” she screams. “Steven’s going crazy. He’s about to break down the door.” “Okay. Whatever you do, Parker, stay on the phone with me. Ellie, call 911 and tell them to get to Parker’s house, ASAP.” In the background are banging noises and the sound of Parker crying hysterically. For the next few excruciating minutes I’m Parker’s lifeline, keenly aware I must keep her on the phone until help arrives. “Parker, listen to me,” I say in my most commanding voice. “You’ve got to calm down. Tell Steven we called the police, and they’ll be there any second. Do it NOW, Parker.” Through her sobs, Parker stammers frantically, “The cops are on the way, so you better leave me alone.” Much to my horror, the banging grows louder, and I barely make out a muffled“fuckin’ bitch” through the clamor. Steven is not backing off—he is only getting more enraged. “Oh My God, he’s almost through the door!” shrieks Parker. Suddenly, the screams fall silent as the phone goes dead.

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